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Louie G. Grecian

So having seen these clips on line and in magazines I wondered about their durability. At the Chicago drum show I was able to see these things in person. I ended up purchasing 3 packages. Price was Awesome, and I happened to mention that I'd be using them on an outdoor gig (without amplification) so I'd really be giving them a work out. Using the clip on the high hat clutch was recommended to me and I must admit I was very reluctant. I even kept a spare clutch on hand. I must say these things were AMAZING! Especially on the High hats! Set up and break down was greatly sped up because of these. I have since used them 3 more gigs and am very VERY happy! Anyone out there thinking of trying this product will not be disappointed!

Louie G. Grecian Formula Ethnic/Wedding band!

Aldo Mazza

"Those clips are holding up very well and I love them... I have been turning many of my friends and students onto them... I love demonstrating to other drummers how much time we waste with wing nuts ..not only time but the difference in weight is significant.

This is one of those great little ideas that simplify our lives..Brilliant! I will continue to show the clips to friends ...as they look at them in disbelief…"

Aldo Mazza, KoSA

Chris Morley

Hello. My name is Chris Morley and I'm the drummer of a Minnesota based rock band named Cold Kingdom. We were fortunate enough to be invited to NAMM by our team at Electro Voice when I was fortunate enough to find your booth and got a three pack of the clips after they peaked my curiosity. Now, there are a lot of companies who have the whole "no twist" cymbal toppers on their stands but all of them are big and bulky and just kind of look like an eye sore, but I've always loved the idea. However, your design is SO simple, SO convenient, and SO easy without being distracting to the eye and practically no extra moving parts that could break. No more spinning the wing nut on top of the cymbal and having it fly off into the abyss that is a rock stage. They don't move at all! My cymbals stay at the exact same tightness for a whole show as I bash away. And they match my black chrome hardware perfectly! I'll be purchasing more packs to put on the rest of my cymbals. Keep up the great work!

Chris Morley, Cold Kingdom

Jon E. Solomonson

"I have been waiting to get these in my hands and on my stands. Finally got them and they are FANTASTIC! SO simple. SO strong! Great product guys. I'll be spreading the word.

Thanks, Jon E. Solomonson, Orlando, FL"

Jon Krosnick

I am writing to congratulate you on creating a superb product for drummers.

I work with the jazz trio Charged Particles, based near San Francisco
(www.chargedparticles.com).  I am gigging a lot and always found it
inconvenient to use conventional wing nuts to keep my felt washers on my cymbal stands.  They were time-consuming to take off and put on, and I often dropped them by accident.

Then I saw your fantastic Pinch Clips advertised in drum magazines.  I hoped that they would live up to the convenience they seemed to promise, and sure enough, they have.  I love the speed involved in using them, and I love that they always stay firmly on the cymbal stands between gigs when they're in my trap case.  I wish I could count on everything in life as much as I can count on my Pinch Clips!

What's especially fun for me is how drummers regularly come up to me after gigs and ask: "What are they?!?!", pointing to my Pinch Clips and saying how cool they are.

I hope you have great success with your terrific product that will no doubt make lots of drummers happy in the coming years.

All the best, Jon Krosnick

Jackson Hamlett

"My order of clips arrived today. I am very very pleased. A pet peeve of mine is to be twirling wing nuts off and on dropping them on a darkened stage sometimes 4 times a day. The Pinch Clips are wonderful! Whether my set up is two, four, or seven cymbals, depending on the gig, having these little gems are worth every penny. Will be ordering more because I never want to run out. If you ever want a testimonial...look no further.

Thanks!, Jackson Hamlett, Calistoga, Calif.

Jeremy Warren

"As a professional touring musician I am always looking ways to improve my set up, sound, look, and all aspects of my drum kit. Although I tour nationally I do not currently have a tech. So anytime I can cut down on set-up/tear-down time I am interested in doing so. Not only does PinchClip save the time it takes to wind a wing nut but it also allows for adjustment of movement of the cymbal. The PinchClip can be clipped to hold the cymbal tightly in place or at the top of the threads to allow for maximum movement but still securing the cymbal. This was one feature I was most impressed
with. Most wing nuts can tightly secure the cymbal, but none allow for the movement and space between top felt and wing nut. The PinchClip gives you the flexibility. Not to mention, they look pretty cool too. I' m not only a fan, but a believer that this simple product. It can improve your kits looks, accessibility, and even the sound.”

Jeremy Warren, Nashville, TN - "Independent/Frank Foster"

Tim Rush

" I absolutely love these clips.  I literally smile every time I take a cymbal on or off, and take simple pleasure in the time and effort they save!  At the end of a long gig, it's really nice to get those cymbals packed away as fast as possible, and these cut it to a fraction of the time. I no longer have to hear the dreaded sound of a cymbal wing nut hitting the floor, and bouncing somewhere among a sea of stands, sticks, cords and personal items, as the bass player says, "I think I heard it bounce over here...". They hold my cymbals in place just as well as any wing nut can... even my hi hat.  These clips work perfectly, save a TON of time and effort, and look COOL.  I want to give them to every drummer I know for the holidays!"

Tim Rush (Independent)

Eddie Butts

"They save time.”
Eddie Butts (Eddie Butts Band)

John Seydewitz

“PinchClips save valuable time before, and especially after, a gig. No more beginning my teardown with an agonizing search for a fallen wing nut!”

John Seydewitz, (Independent)

Adam Katz

“PinchClips cut time off of my set up and breakdown everytime I have a gig. Add all that time up and it’s significant. They also work great.”, Adam Katz (Independent)